Inside Beijing | 融入北京

Inside Beijing is a multimedia project covering the political and cultural capital of China. A diary describing Beijing through words, images, sounds and noises. It focuses mainly on two aspects connected to each other: the urban development of the metropolis and the evolution of the Chinese culture. What ideas lie at the heart of the city’s various places? Why, for example, Beijing boasts a gigantic square but has no public spaces? What kind of connection exists between the official and the popular culture emanating from the underbelly of the city?

Inside Beijing is also meant to be a tribute to Beijing, a city which can be either fascinating or unbearable, but it never leaves you indifferent.

By Gabriele Battaglia and Claudia Pozzoli, 2012





Multikulti Factory tells the stories of people living their lives within the process of cultural and social change. These are the stories of the “New Europeans” trying to put down roots in a Europe whose soil, for many, is proving hard and impenetrable as iron.

Produced by Peacereporter and E il Mensile, directed by Nicola Sessa, photos by Gianluca Cecere, graphical project Germana Lavagna, illustrations Chiara Noseda, film editing by Claudia Pozzoli, 2011




The Empty House Webdoc 

Before, during and after the Kosovo war – in 1999 – 1.800 people disappeared, right in a time when it was easy to die or to vanish into thin air. Pain, on the contrary, never disappears.

Produced by Peacereporter, directed by Nicola Sessa and Christian Elia, photos by Gianluca Cecere, executive production Angelo Miotto, film editing by Claudia Pozzoli, web design GAG, 2010