The Empty House webdoc

November 18, 2011 in


The Empty House webdoc

Before, during and after the Kosovo war – in 1999 – 1.800 people disappeared, right in a time when it was easy to die or to vanish into thin air. Pain, on the contrary, never disappears.

The Empty House is the story of broken lives, entangled in the fingers of those waiting for an answer, be it only a grave to weep on. This is the story of an absence. At one stage, terror added up to the desperation of families left without any information about their father, son, or brother.

When Carla Del Ponte, former prosecutor of the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, published her book of memoirs – The Hunt – 500 people, mostly Serbians, had a suspicion on something that, at the time, could only be whispered, like a ghost story. The house, in northern Albania, where according to Belgrade Prosecutor’s office many people have been brought and stripped of their organs – then sold on the illegal international market – is still there. The Katuci family lives there.

There, a family tries to shield its tranquillity from the anguish of thousands of other families.

Produced by Peacereporter, directed by Nicola Sessa and Christian Elia, photos by Gianluca Cecere, executive production Angelo Miotto, film editing by Claudia Pozzoli, web design GAG.